What is Immortal Dark?

Immortal Dark is a Black supernatural martial arts manga series. It is an action packed deep dive into the mental health of young martial artist Nico Savage, who returns home and becomes a professional fighter in the Immortal Fighting Coalition (also known as the I.F.C) in order to get revenge on his sister for stealing the opportunity to murder their father from him.

Immortal Dark is a tale of vengeance centered around the process of healing and the importance of breaking cycles of generational trauma.

Why Support this Project?

The need for representation in comic/manga is constant. In supporting this project you are helping to put more material out there that showcases Black identities in all their forms. From characters who deal with depression and anxiety to charaters holding different queer and gender related identities, Immortal Dark is a collage of Blackness and supernatural anime style that we very much need in mainstream media.