Where Does Immortal Dark Take Place?

Immortal Dark takes place in a land called Jura, a large continent in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. It is a modern mixture of technology and spiritual arts. The continent is split into 8 governing lands with their own dominant cultures and practices. Despite its varying cultures and ideologies a common belief in Jura is the belief in the Source. Jura is a land with climates that range from dry desert land to frigid tundra landscapes. Along with their unified belief in the Source and spiritual pressure, all Jurans utilize a mixture of spiritual practices and technology to maneuver their day to day lives. Jura is thought of as a living entity by its inhabitants and this belief is the foundation for how those who live in Jura interact with the continent itself and its resources.The main currency in Jura is halos. 1 halo is equivalent to 1 US dollar. Halos look similar to dollars but are pale yellow with a holographic orangish border and honeycomb symbols on them.

Main Cast

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What is the I.F.C?

The Immortal Fighting Coalition is a national mixed martial arts competition held on the continent of Jura in which registered fighters, that fall within a specific container rating range, compete, in a dome, in one on one combat for the opportunity to become the Immortal Fighting Coalition Champion.

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