James Church

James Church, also known as Enoch, is a poet, author, trauma-informed teaching artist and manga writer born and raised on the Northside of Wilmington, DE. His work examines the process of healing and the ways that trauma and mental health move through a family, as well as the outside forces that affect or have affected these developments. His goal is to create written works, curriculum, and platforms that deepen our emotional understanding and its cyclical relation to the conditions acting on the Black mind, body, and spirit. Enoch is the 2017 Philadelphia Fuze Grand Slam Champion and the author of two poetry collections, “The Guide to Drowning” released in 2017 and “Burned at the Roots” released in 2020. Enoch operates as the Executive Publisher and Founder of Black Minds Publishing, LLC, a national publications platform centered around the personal and professional growth of artists and creatives of the Black diaspora.

Senior Editor

Tommy Horsey

Tommy was born with a creative spirit and he has always been one to express himself through art. Whether writing, drawing, speaking, modeling, acting and now editing he will always get the marketed and creative message across. He has been a full-time professional model since 2010 despite not having an agency behind him. His passion is people and conveying to them a positive image of themselves through public speaking, youth skill building, and or a simple positive conversation with any and everybody he has the chance to meet. College became a big part of his life again in 2010 when he went back to pursue and complete an associates in Liberal Arts, one in Social Behavior, a certificate in Youth Works, then a Bachelor's in Psychology, a minor in Philosophy and a certificate in Intercultural Leadership. All in which he uses to understand human behavior to connect with people through his creative lens. Tommy has provided positive, marketable entertaining experience through fashion, body imaging, writing, product imaging and more. He will continue to expand his reach into more and more creative endeavors.