Age: unknown

Pronouns: they/them

Culture: amaruk

fighting style: complete domination

eye color: greenish-yellow

height: 6'5

weight: 230 lbs.

Anoki is the sage of “Wolves Den” fighting gym. Anoki is non-binary. Originally from Canidae, Anoki is of the Amaruk people, specifically the Abunagi clan which can transform into wereleopards, They are a former IFC competitor and former IFC champion. Anoki retired after a severe leg injury they suffered in a fight against Nico’s father. Those of the Amaruk pride themselves on their natural fighting ability so getting a prosthetic in order to continue fighting was out of the question, this led them to becoming a trainer instead so that they could still have some level of participation in the IFC.

Abilities: Anoki is an all-around dominant fighter. They have enhanced strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and an overwhelming amount of spiritual pressure.

Being of the Abunagi clan, they have the ability to access a wereleopard styled physical release that compresses their power into a sleek and more speed-based form. Their leg injury currently prevents them from being able to use the form because they can't handle the pain of the damaged leg reshaping during the transformation.