Asta beyza

Age: 21

Pronouns: he/him

Culture: alabastrian

fighting style: unknown

eye color: purple and blue

height: 6'2

weight: 200 lbs.

River is the current IFC champion, the daughter of former champion Savan Savage, and the sister of current IFC competitor Nico Savage. River is an alchemist with the special ability to transmute her skin into gold without using the traditional transmutation hand gesture. When she turned 15 she left her little brother Nico with their father and joined the Alabastrian army as one of Beyza’s Fangs. Thinking that following in her father’s footsteps would make her strong enough to beat him and get revenge for the years of grueling and abusive training he put them through as children. She later returned to Sol Terra and joined the IFC, killed her father and became the new IFC champion.

Abilities: Asta was born with no affinity for cryomancy but instead a physical release that allows his body to adapt and mutate to match his needs and desires. He is a rare example of someone who’s release is constantly active because he was born with it active.

Asta's body can mutate and reshape according to whatever Asta’s survival needs are, he can increase and decrease muscle mass, the length of his limbs, the toughness or malleability of his body, he change the shape of his bone structure and skeleton, and the longer he sees a fighting style the more of it he can mimic.