Commander beyza

Age: 50

Pronouns: he/him

Culture: alabastrian

fighting style: alabastrian military arts

eye color: blue

height: 6'2

weight: 230 lbs.

Beyza is a member of the Crown of Jura, the current commander of Alabastria and the leader of the Alabastrian army. Beyza has a prideful personality because of the lowly circumstances he rose from. He believes that anything earned must be worked for and he projects this belief on to every soldier in his army. Unlike the previous commanders who became commander using diplomacy, Beyza became commander by pure force. He rose from the slums of Alabastria as one of the strongest warriors in the army. Once he was old enough to become commander he used his following to overthrow the former commander, claiming his life. He was the youngest commander to take the throne in Alabastrian history. He is father to one son, Asta, and widowed husband to the former queen of Alabastria, Freya.

Abilities: Beyza has abnormal physical strength and durability. As a warrior born and raised in Alabastria, Beyza has the ability to use cryomancy which is the use of spiritual pressure to manipulate the shape and size of ice. Beyza can't create ice from nothing but he can use his spiritual pressure to freeze the moisture in anything and can then expand on that frozen moisture which gives the illusion of creating ice from nothing. His cryomantic abilities are so advanced that he is able to lower the temperature of the moisture in the air around him within a 150 mile radius.

His weapon of choice is a giant frost blade claymore that he is powerful enough to wield with one hand if he so chooses. His immense physical strength also makes him deadly without the weapon, his military arts are heavily grapple focused and he is strong enough to literally crush a human head with his hands.

Beyza has a physical release called "sub-zero" that drastically lowers his own body temperature to increase his defensive abilities. When in this state, anything he makes physical contact with begins to freeze because of the proximity to his freezing body. Beyza also has a spirit release called "negative zone." When using this release, Beyza unlocks all of his source points and channels that spiritual pressure into his fingertips and with a snap he releases it all instantly freezing everything in his vicinity.