Emanu Dari

Age: 20

Pronouns: he/him

Culture: atlantean

fighting style: infinite stream

eye color: brown

height: 6'0

weight: 220 lbs.

Called “E” for short, Emanu is an IFC competitor registered to Sage Anoki and the “Wolves Den” fighting gym. Born and raised in Atlantis, Emanu and his older brother were exiled and stripped of their birth names after being caught participating in the IFC. This is an offense in Atlantis because Atlanteans are not allowed to participate in the festivities of "commoners" (those outside of Atlantis). Emanu is a strong fighter who believes that natural privilege can always be overcome by smart work and discipline. To Emanu, discipline is the inevitable equalizer. His brother Jiro was a former IFC champion contender before River Savage killed him in a title defense match. Emanu watched his brother die and resolved to kill her in combat regardless of whether it leads to him getting the title or not.

Abilities: Emanu has enhanced strength, flexibility, reflexes and endurance. All Atlanteans have the ability to use hydromancy, which is the ability to manipulate water by inserting one's spiritual pressure into it. Emanu can't create water but can manipulate the state of any water in his vicinity.

Emanu's fighting style is called "Infinite Stream," it's a tai chi based fighting style that prioritizes fluid motion and precision over brute strength. He uses this in combination with muay thai and boxing styled techniques to create a hybrid form of the infinite stream that can cause more damage than the traditional style.