Age: unknown

Pronouns: she/they

Culture: amaruk

fighting style: alabastrian military arts

eye color: purple

height: 5'10

weight: 180 lbs.

Gwyneira is the lead general in Commander Beyza’s army and the most ruthless soldier in the Alabastrian army next to the commander himself. Originally a member of the Jabori tribe in Canidae, Gwyneira chose to go with Beyza after the Blood Years so that she could become strong and avoid a death like her parents suffered. Her years of battle hardening have made her the most brutal warrior serving under Commander Beyza. She is a woman of very few words who adheres to the will of Beyza regardless of how gruesome or unjust his requests are. Growing up under Commander Beyza caused her to develop a sibling-like relationship with his son Asta and he is really the only person she engages in vulnerable conversation with.

Abilities: Gwyneira is overpowered in every category of combat. They dual-wield axes with blades covered in a rare icy fungus found in Alabastria known as frostbane. Frostbane appears like normal ice but has a slight glow to it and when it comes into contact with blood it spreads like a viral frostbite.

Gwyneira is of the Dema clan who traditionally use a physical release called "berzerker." When in berzerker mode Gwyneira's skin takes on a crimson hue, their muscularity and size increase and they lose the ability to feel physical pain. Their strength and speed also increase tenfold. Some Amaruk of the Dema clan can hold this transformation for longer than others, Gwyneira can remain in physical release for a maximum of 24 hours if necessary.