Age: 18

Pronouns: He/him

Culture: alchemist/ifrit

fighting style: aurum manus (golden hands)

eye color: amber

height: 5'10

weight: 180 lbs.

Nico is the son of former IFC champion, Savan Savage, and the younger brother of current IFC champion, River Savage. He is a genius combatant with extremely high adaptability and focus. Trained since youth in the traditional Alchemist fighting style of Aurum Manus, Nico is an alchemist with a rare form of alchemy that allows him to cover his body in onyx skin instead of gold. As a child, Savan trained him and River to one day take his place as IFC champions. He was especially hard on Nico because of his unique ability. Savan put Nico through hellish training until he was old enough to live on his own. Nico left home and traveled Jura to learn various fighting styles and vowed to one day return with his sister and claim his fathers life as retribution for their brutal and abusive upbringing.

Abilities: Nico has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and an abnormally high amount of spiritual pressure. He is adept in the Aurum Manus martial arts style and has fully mastered 2 of the 12 traditional Aurum Manus techniques: Stance 1 - The Javelin Stance and Stance 2 - The Cross Guard Stance. He is familiar with the use of the other 12 stances but can't pull them off as effortlessly.

Nico can also perform "transmutation" which is an ability exclusive to the alchemist people. When using transmutation, alchemist use their spiritual pressure to transmute their first layer of skin into gold. Although it appears to be a physical release it is not. Nico, however, was born with the ability to transmute his skin into onyx instead of gold. This is part of the reason why I.F.C commentators refer to him as the "Black Wolf."