Age: 21

Pronouns: she/her

Culture: alchemist/ifrit

fighting style: aurum manus (golden hands)

eye color: red

height: 6'2

weight: 185 lbs.

River is the current IFC champion, the daughter of former champion Savan Savage, and the sister of current IFC competitor Nico Savage. River is an alchemist with the special ability to transmute her skin into gold without using the traditional transmutation hand gesture. When she turned 15 she left her little brother Nico with their father and joined the Alabastrian army as one of Beyza’s Fangs. Thinking that following in her father’s footsteps would make her strong enough to beat him and get revenge for the years of grueling and abusive training he put them through as children. She later returned to Sol Terra and joined the IFC, killed her father and became the new IFC champion.

Abilities: River has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and an abnormally high amount of spiritual pressure. She is adept in both Alabastrian military martial arts and Aurum Manus martial arts and has advanced knowledge of 6 of the 12 Aurum Manus stance techniques. She has complete mastery of one stance, Stance 8 - Splitting Moon. Like most alchemist, River also has the ability to use transmutation to turn her skin into gold, however, unlike most alchemist, River does not need to perform the traditional hand clap gesture to spark the transmutation.