Shula ray

Age: 25

Pronouns: she/her

Culture: ifrit

fighting style: one thousand blades

eye color: yellow

height: 5'8

weight: 130 lbs.

Born and raised in the Sun Peaks, Shula currently competes as a fighter in the IFC. Shula is registered to Anoki and “Wolves Den” fighting gym but mostly sticks to herself when training, she doesn’t even take advice from Anoki when in the combat dome. Shula is determined to become IFC champion with the teachings of her late trainer Ravi, who committed suicide. Before the death of Ravi she had a much more energetic personality and her animated faces and body language are evidence of that. Although Shula is mostly to herself she is very sarcastic and enjoys frustrating people. Shula is a well rounded fighter in all regards whose biggest setback is her mid-rank container rating which she compensates for by honing her precision and using her stored solar energy.

Abilities: Shula has enhanced reflexes and speed. All Ifrit have the ability to use photomancy which is the manipulation of light and solar energy using spiritual pressure. Ifrit store solar energy in their melanin and infuse it with their spiritual pressure to heat their bodies and weapons.

Ifrit are known for their swordsmanship and they carry special blades made of a heat absorbing mineral popular in the mountains of the Sun Peaks. Shula, however, does not carry a traditional sword. Shula carries a bladeless hilt that helps her channel the solar energy in her body into a beam saber style weapon. This allows her to be able to attack from almost any angle with any direction of cut. This sword style was passed down to Shula from her master Ravi and currently Shula is the only Ifrit who uses it.